Laser hair removal is a fast, effective process for long lasting hair removal. Central Ave Hair Studio uses LHE or Light Heat Energy in it’s treatments. This combines both light and heat energy, effectively doubling the energy being used. There’s no burning and less downtime than other treatments making this a great method for lasting hair removal.

Smooth at Last!

Getting rid of that unwanted hair can be time consuming, frustrating and sometimes painful. Shaving and chemical removers are only temporary. Waxing and epilating pull the hair from the shaft, making these only a slightly more long term solution. These methods do not affect the essential element necessary for hair growth – the hair bulb.

LHE® Technology provides a permanent solution. The hair is removed at its source and the bulb is damaged thus preventing future hair growth.

What makes it effective?

LHE® Technology harnesses the power of light and heat energy to remove unwanted hair and keep it away. The light generates heat that flows down the follicle to the bulb, destroying it and inhibiting hair growth at the source. Treatments are performed around your body’s hair growth cycle.

About LHE® Technology

Light & Heat Energy technology (LHE®) skin phototherapy solutions perform with less intensity in comparison to other technologies making LHE® the safest technology on the market. There is no down time and the treatments are fast, safe, comfortable & natural.

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The Ability To Treat ALL SKIN TYPES

LHE® Technology is more effective and provides comfortable treatments for all skin from the most fair to the darkest skin types (skin types I – VI) as well as those with sensitive skin.

LHE out-performs other hair removal technologies. Case studies reveal that LHE® is the safest, most effective hair removal technology on the market.


Q: What does “L-H-E” stand for?
A: “LHE” is the acronym for Light Heat Energy. It indicates that LHE technology combines two different ways to transfer energy – light and thermal energy – by convection.

Q: How is LHE different from the old IPL method?
The LHE utilizes two energies: the light and the thermal energy. Using the combination of the two energies reduces the light fluence which makes the LHE the safest technology on the market with no down time.

Q: Why is the light fluence lower than others?
As the technology uses both energies, the light fluence can be significantly reduced. Combining the two energies together creates an equivalent fluence of above 65 J/sq. cm. yet, the actual light fluence is no more than 15 J/sq. cm. In the case of the skin tightening application, light fluence could reach 25 J/sq. cm.

Q: Do I have to shave before treatment?
LHE hair removal requires no shaving! Stubble (hair of 1 to 3mm) would be ideal for the treatment. By not shaving prior you enjoy a more comfortable treatment and less skin sensitivity. Plus, you save time! If your hair removal technician can see where the hair is, treatments are quicker.

Q: Can I see results immediately?
Results are immediately visible but repeat visits are necessary to clear hair in various growth cycles.

Q: Is there any downtime?
No, there is no downtime. You can return to daily life immediately with no discomfort or burns.

Q: Why is LHE considered the safest technology on the market?
Unlike like other technologies, LHE utilizes not only the light but also the thermal energy, thus, the total light fluence is low in comparison to any other technology. Low light fluence results in safe and comfortable treatments.

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